Saturday, May 17, 2014

Jamberry Nails: Frugality at its Finest

Truthfully, I admit that having acrylic gels are convenient. I drive to the nail salon, sit in a comfy massage chair while salon personnel work on my hands and feet, and leave with pretty nails/toes with an empty pocket. It's expensive. A full set of acrylic gels on hands alone costs $40 to $45, plus tip. Never forget the tip, or you'd get poor service next time. $50 to $60 just to have pretty nails in two weeks. $120 a month not including your feet. I'd probably work to earn a living just to feed that convenience. Not reasonable.

Worst part of it all, my nail bed gets all damaged and torn once I take off the acrylic gels. The glue used to bond the gel on my nail somewhat eats up the whole nail bed. The surface gets cracked, dried up, and just looks ugly. That's included in the expensive price of having pretty nails.

If I use regular nail polish, my nails would look wrinkled because nail polish application is just messy for me. It needs drying time. Sometimes, the polish dries up too quick that messes up the application process itself. Can't win either way.

Luckily, I discovered Jamberry Nails. It's the greatest alternative for acrylic gel nails! Jamberry Nails have pretty colorful designs, and it's so easy to apply. Your little girl can do it. I do it myself on both hands and feet. It's so easy!

It only cost $15 per sheet. 18 different sized strips are on one sheet. I could do two manicures from one sheet, or one manicure and one pedicure. Lots of savings compared to the cost of acrylic gels. Plus, it's totally unique. No drying time, no messy polish, no damaged nail bed. Independence! I'm hooked to it like glue!

Feel free to visit my Jamberry Nails site to find out how to be frugal like me.


  1. Ooooh I thought you were making these out of all the washi tape you buy! I thought 'Jamberry Nails' was what you were calling them. I had no idea it was a company. Are you selling them as a consultant? i haven't done my nails since high school or early college days. Never had a pedi either b/c I only wear sneakers.

    1. Yes, I'm an Independent Consultant for Jamberry Nails. I actually wanted to save a lot of money in doing my mani-pedi, that's why I decided to be a consultant. A lot of people ask me about it when they see me wearing the wraps, so I thought it's better to be a consultant so I could at least know how to explain to people about the product. Plus, they could buy and I get business. HeHe. Because of that, too, I could write-off some of my expenses for the next tax filing. w00t!


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