Monday, April 29, 2013

The Old School Y

Y is for Yellow Pages.

Our good old business finder. The big bulky Yellow Pages book. When you need plumbing services, or electrical services (any type of service or business for that matter), just open up your big Yellow Pages book. All businesses are alphabetically arranged for easy browsing. Those were the olden days before Google. Nowadays, you go to Google's site (or any other search engine that you use), type what you need and voila! A long list of answers right in front of your screen. This means, you can also search through your data-connected phone, tablet, and computers, anywhere, anytime. So easy, no flipping pages, and definitely no killing trees.


  1. What would we do without those Yellow Pages? The internet form is a lot lighter and user friendly, but a part of me misses the work-out from lifting that heavy book ;)

  2. the only thing that makes life w/o yellow pages difficult, is when you don't have a smart phone like me and the power or cable is out, thereby making googling phone numbers impossible.